Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Only 2 more days until Sew Whats Crafty.

There's lots of activity happening at my house. I'm been trying to make up some samples of how to use some of the stamps as I always find it interesting to see how things can be used.

I've used a few more stamps from the Chocolate Baroque Patchwork Buttefly set to make some bookmarks, one of which I gave my mother in-law on Sunday. These ones don't have a tassle attached as yet.

I've also been deciding on what do for the make & takes I'll have at the stand this year and what to demonstrate as well.

Lots of things racing through my head.

I was really disappointed to get a letter from BRAG (Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery) this week to say they weren't holding the Art Gallery Markets as part of the CRUSH festival this year.

Evidently the committee said that they were looking for new and fresh activities this year.

Now that's all good and fine but they spent 4 years building up a really good following for that once a year market and now they're just going to throw it away? It seems strange to me.

And for anyone who has been I'm sure you'll agree it was a fun day out and an opportunity for artists and crafts people to showcase their wares.

As I said "strange behaviour".


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Linda M said...

I agree Helen, must admit I have only been to one of the BRAG markets, but I must admit I so enjoyed it, maybe a few objections may encourage them to carry it on.