Tuesday, 27 December 2011

66th Australian Jazz Convention

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we certainly did.

Are you a music fan? Looking for something to do between now and New Year? Did you know we have the 66th Australian Jazz Convention happening in Bundaberg right now?

No? Thats the reaction I've had from a lot of people.

This afternoon there's a Sundown Family Concert in Alexandra Park for free. It starts at 4pm and goes until 5.30pm and I believe it will feature our local talent.

The rest of the week is jampacked as well so if you're interested head down to the Civic Centre and have a chat to the people on the registration table who will be able to explain whats on and how much it costs.

Or have a look at their website. Although I will say to get a breakdown of who is playing where you need the program which is at the Civic Centre.

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