Thursday, 12 June 2008

So here we all are

Well I'm here so I guess that's a start. As this is my first post I'm a bit nervous & unsure but I hope it will settle into a space where I can post a bit of whatever creative endeavours I'm up to, some info about whats new at Lorna Blue Studio and a little social chit chat.

Unfortunately I didn't get to the Papercraft show in Brisbane last weekend as there were too many other things I needed to do so that was a bit disappointing but I guess there's always next year. Last week I received a box of products for my on-line store Lorna Blue Studio and it contained quite a lot of stamps both unmounted and wood mounted so I thought I should make some cards. I'd ordered a few for myself and was really happy to see some male oriented ones as it's sometimes hard to get a stamp that you think they'll like. Next time I'll show you a few I'm done using the unmounted sheet of butterfly stamps.

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