Friday, 20 June 2008

Bearly There

We have a really good art gallery or I should call it by the correct term of art centre in town and recently they decided that they wanted to do an exhibition of teddy bears in September. I know this because I saw the advertisement asking for people to lend their bears and so I contacted them to say I have a few and would they like to see some photos? Evidently my bears pass muster because now I have to fill in the paperwork for each bear (who knew) and be prepared to hand them over for about a month. I'll have to give them a talking to about behaving themselves although they're normally very placid.

I wouldn't describe myself as a collector but I do have some. One of my nieces was very taken with bears and soft toys and I was at a craft show about ten years ago and they had teddy bear kits so I bought one and made it up for her. Of course then I got a bit hooked, bought a few more kits, assorted materials (coloured mohair is beautiful), magazines, went to a couple of workshops and bear shows. People are just so talented and it amazes me how many different bear makers there are. Everyone has their own style and the ones that make the tiny bears are fantastic. When your interested in craft it gives you an appreciation of the time and effort that goes in making something and so I did buy a few bears that I particularly liked. These days the bears alternate between the cupboard and the spare bed so it will be a bit of an adventure for them to go out to the gallery. I've left the bear making days behind me but I will show you one I made and the one bear I have left from my childhood (Dad gave him to me when I was one day old) that managed to survive being dragged around and laid on.

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Petrina McDonald said...

Oh Helen you are a good girl - I saw the call for bears and being the slacker that I am I was just too lazy to get myself into gear! (But now that I hear there is paperwork I am secretly glad I am slack!)

Can't wait to see your bears on show!

Love, P