Saturday, 10 April 2010

Still no camera

It's Murphys Law isn't it? When you have new lines to photograph and quirky things to capture you don't have a camera........still. Next week I'll have to start bothering my insurance company I think. I did ask if they would send a cheque in my name so therefore I could just go out and buy one now and she said "thats usually the way it works but I wouldn't like to say do that and then something else happens", so I've been reluctant to go shopping.

Talking of shopping we bought a new bed recently and isn't that an odd experience? You go into a shop and for the first time a salesman says to you "go on, lay on the stock and don't bother to take your shoes off, make yourself comfortable". The thing is a bed is an important purchase but you're laying there for all to see with them saying "make sure you try the position you sleep in" feeling quite strange and the temptation is to go "its fine we'll have that one". Anyway we bought our bed, it's been delivered, we got a good deal on it (there's a tip go shopping on the Thurs before Easter and they will have the sale price for Saturday worked out) and we're happy.

The other thing I find interesting is the variety in running shoes. I decided to buy a "decent" pair of shoes to go walking in so off I went to one of the sports stores where they ask you all sorts of questions and measure your feet before bringing out a few for selection. Wow some (a lot) of them are ugly! They have huge soles and bright white mesh with gaudy colours and the staff are surprised when you say "haven't you got something a little less over the top"? You could be blinded by the reflection coming off your feet as you walk down the road. I finally found a pair that I can live with and I have to admit they are quite comfortable (and so they should be for the price).

For everyone who expressed an interest in Handmade for Mum, either in participating or attending we made the tough decision yesterday that it will have to be cancelled. We've spent the last week trying to confirm site holders and we simply didn't have enough for the event to be viable and we didn't want it to be a disappointment for either the participants or the customers. However we will try again for a Christmas event so we'll be contacting everyone who expressed interest when we confirm  the venue details but keep Friday 3rd and Saturday the 4th of December in mind.

Last but not least if you're looking for something to do tomorrow come along to the PCYC craft markets. If you have kids, last month they had a very talented face painter there and of course there's the sausage sizzle or cafe for snacks.