Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Stupid - Stupid - Stupid

You will not believe what I've just done. I deleted a whole gallery of photos from my website!!!!

And guess what? I can't get them back. So all the close up photos of stamps and the extras for the assorted gift cards etc are all gone. Gone - gone -gone.

At least I have the photos still in my computer and when I stop bashing my head against the desk I'll start uploading them all again.

In the meantime if you are looking at the new lines or any product that has a link to the gallery you'll probably find that when you click it - it goes nowhere. Very sorry about that. For you and for me.

The February page of my calendar.

Some cards made by Wendy who has the stall next to mine at the PCYC markets. She buys a few stamps off me so I thought I would show you what she does with them.

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ann said...

OOOOHhhhhhhhh how very frustrating for you....