Monday, 14 September 2009

I owe you 40 cents.

I'm not sure if she will read this but if the lady who came around last night to pick up her order does....I'm sorry I think I owe you 40 cents. I must have got distracted when we were chatting and I'm fairly sure I didn't give you enough change.
As I don't have any contact details please ring me.

The PCYC markets were on yesterday and we had a lot of people out and about. In the afternoon the Lions club had a parade and family fun day down in the main street finishing off with fireworks at 7.30pm. In the parade they had 4 little kids about 6yrs old I'd guess dressed up in lion costumes, they looked so cute. The Newsmail must have thought so as well because they're on the front page of the paper.

Some people are lovely. I went for a walk this morning and a house had a bucket sitting on their letterbox with avocados in it and a sign saying "free...don't be greedy". So a big thank you to the people in that house for sharing their crop.

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