Thursday, 11 March 2010

A concert in Brisbane

I've been busy with a few things lately and had to spend some time away. Some business things, some boring stuff and a chance to catch up with a very good friend in Brisbane. In honour of C's birthday we had tickets to go and see a concert at Boondall entertainment centre in Brisbane. The lineup was Melody Gardot, Madeleine Peyroux and Diana Krall.

Now I have to admit the reason we were going was to see Madeleine but I have to say we were really impressed with Melody, she has such a beautiful clear voice and a happy, light jazz style that reminds you of those old 50's movies where everyone got dressed up and went out to dance and dine. A few days later I went out and bought her CD "My one and only thrill" and I've been playing it a lot.

At the risk of offending the huge amount of Diana fans out there (and I've spoken to a lot), I have to say she's not my cup of tea, just too jazzy for me. I found myself wishing she would just finish the song for goodness sake, stop adding in all the piano bits and the guy on base. Not to say she hasn't got a fantastic voice because she has and I really enjoyed 3 of the songs that she did, but not enough to make me what to see her again.

As I said we really wanted to see Madeleine Peyroux and she didn't disapoint, the only thing was that she was the second act and as such sang for about 40 minutes when it would've been nice to have much more. Actually the other point was that they were shooting a DVD at the concert and every so often (more regular than you'd think) a camera on a boom would waft around the stage and get in front of them. Anyway it was great to catch up with C and go out to hear people sing.

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